Websites in Canada must comply with the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) This means having a privacy policy that explains how user information is collected, used and protected.

Integrity is one of our main pillars. Whatever is in our control, we can guarantee will remain private. More on that, below. For things that are out of our control, such as professional online hackers, we have taken steps to protect and secure the minimal personal information that you submit through our website. Here are the details:

In our control:

Our business has grown through word of mouth. So if you want to talk about us, please do so. However, we will never talk about you unless we have your written permission.

We try not to save the personal information that you send to us, for example, statements of account. We post these to a common drive that is in your control, so that you always have access to all of your backup, and we can refer to it from there.

As a client, your name and address is included in our accounting software, which is protected by Intuit Canada.

The small bit of personal information that we gather online is whatever you include on our CONTACT page. You are more than welcome to use another name, but the phone or email obviously needs to be real, in order for us to contact you. To avoid submitting any contact details, one suggestion is to simply contact us by telephone (438-838-6074) or by sending us an email from your own email. 

For those providing contact details through our website, kindly note the following:

Out of our control:

Malicious hackers are an unfortunate part of today's world. We are getting ahold of our website hoster, Site123, in order to confirm their security measures. More details to follow.

If you can think of another scenario, please let us know so that we may add it here.